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Technical approach for each application

Krosaki AMR has a wide and solid experience as a refractory lining supplier for multiple applications.

On the basis of the information obtained from our customers about the production process, manufacturing parameters, raw materials, etc., Krosaki AMR studies and designs the most suitable lining for each type of process and requirement, with the most appropriate designs, qualities and formats.

Laboratory test and analysis

Krosaki AMR has in its facilities laboratories of both research and development of new techniques, qualities and applications, and of analysis of physical and chemical characteristics of raw materials and finished products.

The main facilities of the Krosaki AMR laboratories are:

  • • Compression resistance testing machinery.
  • • Hot modulus of rupture (HMOR) testing machinery.
  • • Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis.
  • • Viscometer for viscosity pattern.
  • • Sound velocity measurement machinery.
  • • Thermal shock resistance measurement and test equipment.
  • • LECO analyser for carbon content analysis.
  • • Oxidation Resistance testing machinery.
  • • Corrosion Resistance testing machinery.
  • • Measurement and testing equipment for densities and porosities.

Krosaki AMR, in addition to all the research and analysis of its Hernani plant, has the support of the KROSAKI HARIMA CORPORATION. Therefore, it has the entire Laboratory of the headquarters office in Japan where more than 100 researchers, engineers and scientists work every day to create and develop new qualities, technologies, materials, applications, etc...

Lining setting up supervision

Krosaki AMR has very experienced technicians for the refractory lining setting up.

This service is available to all Krosaki AMR customers, and to all industries; steel, cement, copper, lime, etc.

Technical assistance

Krosaki AMR will provide a Technical Assistance service at the customer’s plant within 24/48 hours after notice.

A member of the commercial-technical department will solve any technical issue with the refractory on the customer premises.