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MK Series

The MK Series range is manufactured with the purest raw materials. These materials are the result of cutting-edge technology in the manufacture of refractory materials of Krosaki Harima group. MK products are specific products developed to solve very specific problems (troubleshooting) such as very high thermal load or severe mechanical stresses.



  • • High thermal load areas.
  • • Upper/lower transition and burning zones.


  • • Excellent resistance to thermal load.
  • • High refractoriness.
  • • A highly resistant matrix.
  • • High resistance to infiltration.
  • • Extra low porosity.
  • • High density.

Type of material:

Highly pure synthetic magnesia and electro-fused magnesia, with high spinel content and special additives.

Made with an intensive pressing and firing process.



  • • Tyre area.
  • • High mechanical stress areas.
  • • High thermal shock areas.


  • • High flexibility.
  • • Excellent resistance to thermal shock.
  • • Very high resistance to mechanical stress.

Type of material:

Highly pure synthetic magnesia with very high content of high-quality spinel and low iron content with excellent resistance to thermal shocks.

Excellent flexibility and very high elasticity, capable of withstanding the highest mechanical stresses.