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Since 1906

Krosaki AMR Refractarios S.A.u is the new name of Aristegui Material Refractario S. A. since 1989 when two Japanese companies, Krosaki Harima Corporation and Mitsui Co. Ltd. bought 100% of the company’s shares from the previous owners, the Aristegui family.

The founding of Krosaki AMR took place in 1906 and to the present has been one of the major national producers of refractory materials. This way it has contributed to the development of steel and cement industries in Spain with high-quality materials.

Currently, Krosaki AMR is part of Krosaki Harima Corporation since in 2004 bought off Mitsui Co. Ltd. the rest of the social capital of Krosaki AMR. This has marked the start of a new era in the history of Krosaki AMR since it has become part of one of the 4th largest refractory producers in the world.

This way technicians and engineers from Krosaki, work at Krosaki AMR to obtain refractory materials of the best quality through continuous innovation and constant development of techniques, processes and materials.

Krosaki AMR Refractarios S.A.U., with the technical collaboration of Krosaki-Harima Corporation, supply high quality refractory materials for the steel, cement, copper and iron-alloys industries, materials that can be both, dried and fired..

Krosaki Harima Corporation

Since it was established in 1918, Krosaki-Harima Corporation has played a vital role, supplying excellent quality materials to Japan’s main industries, especially the steel one.

The main shareholder of Krosaki-Harima Corporation is the Japanese company Nippon Steel Corporation, which has almost 50% of the share capital of KHC, thanks to this Krosaki-Harima Corporation has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in refractory materials for the steel industry, setting the standard to follow in the industry of techniques, applications and new materials.

The range of products and services offered by the corporation are very extensive, to obtain better information please go to the Corporation’s web site,, or get in contact with Krosaki AMR Refractarios, S.A.U.